Live From New York its Saturday Night….

So here’s the deal, 64 of the greatest SNL cast members assembled march madness style to determine the Greatest of All-Time.  Each day one round will advance and I will break it down match-up by match-up.


Seeding: Decided by cast member popularity while on the show.  This does not include popular opinion on any projects a cast member did outside of SNL, for example, Chris Rocks’ stand up, Tina Fey on 30 rock, or Bill Murray’s Movie career, are not included in seeding.

Advancing: Determined by quality of work on camera, during SNL career.  No extra points will be accrued for being a head writer (sorry Seth, Chevy and Tina).  Memorable sketches, recurring characters, impressions and Weekend Update performances are all in play as well as SNL movies.

Divisions: The four divisions are broken down to, The Don Pardo Division, The Killer Bees Division,  The Studio 8H Division and The Rockefeller Center Division.

And let it be known, there will be no complicated formulas or polling done all the shots will be called by me.

So without further ado let me unveil the bracket…

Some observations:

The four number one seeds Eddie Murphy, Will Ferrell, John Beluschi and Chris Farley, all pretty self explanatory.

The sixteen seed in the Don Pardo division is a compilation of all the big stars of SNL that you probably didn’t even realize started their, including Jay Mohr, Janeane Garofalo, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, John Beluschi, Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr.

Toughest Division: Rockefeller Division: with Will Ferrell, Dana Carvey, Mike Myers and Adam Sandler as the top four seeds, whoever gets out of this division will certainly earn it’s spot in the final four.

Family Affair: In the Killer Bees Division,  2 seed Bill Murray takes on his brother, 15 seed Brian-Doyle Murphy, while Father and Daughter Chris and Abbey Elliot both lock down 15 seeds of their own.

Girl Power: The adorable Gilda Radner holds the highest seed for any women as a 3 seed, while the brainy Tina Fey is the only other woman to grab a top four seed in the perennial  boys club, that is SNL.



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