The Walt “Clyde” Frazier Drinking Game

Level 1: Take one Drink

Clyde’s Vocab: Anytime Clyde Says:

Beneficiary, Bedevil, Capricious, Continuity, Diminutive, Discombobulated,     Dexterity, Effervescent, Egregious, Galvanize,  Impetus, Lackadaisical, Methodically, Mesmerizing, Neophyte, Omnipresent, Overzealous, Penchant, Precocious, Prodigious, Serendipity, Serendipitous, Spontaneity Tantalizing, Tenacity, Tenacious, Tumultuous, Vivacious

Nicknames: Anytime Clyde refers to:

Amare Stoudemire as STAT; Jeremy Lin as Linsanity; Carmelo Anthony as Melo, Iman   Shumpert as Shump, Steve Novak as Novocaine 

Level 2: Take two drinks

Clyde Rhymes:  Anytime Clyde says:

Banking and thanking, Bounding and astounding, Dishing and swishing, Fire and Desire, Hanging and banging, Huffin and Stuffin, Huffing and puffing, Movin’ and grovin’,  Out-muscling and out-hustling, Penetrate and create,  Posting and toasting, Razzle Dazzle, Running and Gunning, Shaking and baking, Slicing and dicing, Spinning and   winning, Stopping and popping, Stumbling and bumbling, Swooping and hooping,          Wheeling and dealing

Clyde Phrases: Anytime Clyde says:

Altruistic Bounce Pass, Feline Quickness, Knicks with a Knack, Matador Defense, MSG is Aroused, Quantum Leap, Starting to Percolate, Standing Tall and Talented, Swirling Dervish, Swiss Cheese Defense

Level 3: Finish Drink

Whenever Clyde Wears Any Animal Print or Leather

Whenever Clyde mentions Earl ‘The Pearl’ Monroe


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